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2022-2023 Annual Report

CEJ 2022-23:

2022 was a big year for the Campaign for Equal Justice. The Campaign revived some of its most cherished traditions, but also navigated big changes and new opportunities.

The CEJ returned to holding in-person events across the state – kicking off the year with an evening Gala celebrating legal aid and CEJ supporters; helping Central Oregon hold on to the Justice Cup with incredibly high regional support; welcoming a big crew of University of Oregon supporters in Lane County; celebrating in Medford at a local winery; and holding our Salem regional lunch for the 26th year in a row (with higher than pre-pandemic attendance). We also launched a new Retired Attorneys Committee with an event at Ruby Vineyard.

As CEJ Board President, I got to meet CEJ donors and volunteers around the state, and found a community of supporters that is as strong as ever. We have stayed together through canceled events and Zoom trivia, through lockdowns and uncertain financial times, through upheaval and renewal. Through it all, CEJ and our supporters continued to show up as we have for thirty-two years and counting.

We show up because we know that rising prices and housing shortages affect us all, but low-income Oregonians are hit especially hard. When our most vulnerable are faced with a legal emergency on top of already stretched resources, families fall into debt and whole communities are less stable. We show up because we know that legal aid programs make our communities stronger. CEJ's partnership with legal aid harnesses the financial support and advocacy of the legal community and enables every member of the Oregon State Bar to contribute.

One big change in 2022 was the departure of Maya Crawford Peacock, our Executive Director for seven successful years. Maya joined the office of Governor Kotek as Executive Appointments Director in January. The CEJ Board interviewed some exceptional candidates, and are pleased to have hired Ayla Ercin as our new Executive Director in March of 2023. Ayla spent two years as the Campaign’s Annual Fund Director before becoming Executive Director. She grew up in Georgia, and practiced law in New York, but has found Oregon’s support of legal aid the strongest she has seen anywhere in the country. She looks forward to heading up the CEJ as it grows and changes. Ayla's role change has enabled the hiring of our new Annual Fund Director, Katie Drumm, and some other staff role adjustments. The Board anticipates these changes will bring fresh energy to our events and work in 2023-24.

Looking through the photos and snapshots we collected at our events this year, and reading about clients like Kelly and her family, I am proud of all the ways the legal community came together in 2022 to help justice protect our clients, their families, and the entire judicial system. I look forward to welcoming you back again in 2023.



Kathryn Olney
Board President, Campaign for Equal Justice

What is CEJ?

The Campaign for Equal Justice supports Oregon's legal aid providers through private fundraising, education, and outreach efforts. Oregon lawyers created the Campaign for Equal Justice in 1991 to help make equal justice a reality for all Oregonians.

Your support helps the Campaign:

  • operate an annual fund drive powered by nearly 300 volunteers
  • educate lawyers and communities about access to justice
  • work with lawyer volunteers and bar organizations to increase state and federal funding for legal aid
  • operate an endowment fund to preserve the future of legal aid

Since 1991, the Oregon legal community has raised more than $33.5 million for legal aid in our annual fund drive. The legal community will be coming together again this fall to focus on access to justice. Please join us.

If you would like to get involved, contact CEJ at office@cej-oregon.org or 503-295-8442. Thank you for your help!

2022 Visionary Donors

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2022 Benefactor Donors

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CEJ Board 2022-2023

CEJ Advisory



Campaign for Equal Justice would like to recognize the impact of all our wonderful volunteers who helped out in 2022-2023.

Grants, Foundations, Funds & Organizations

Oregon State Bar Sections

Law & Mediation/Arbitration Practices, Corporations, and Other Organizations

Bar Associations and Organizations

Sponsors 2022-2023

The Bar Plan Mutual Insurance Company
Barran Liebman LLP
Bend Court Reporting
Blue Water Wealth
CareOregon/Housecall Providers
CC Reporting & Videoconferencing
Columbia Bank
Farleigh Wada Witt
First Interstate Bank
First Republic Bank
Garrett Hemann Robertson PC
Heritage Bank
Hershner Hunter LLP
High Desert Law LLC
Holland & Knight LLP
Hutchinson Cox LLC
OnPoint Community Credit Union
Perkins Coie LLP
Pioneer Trust Bank
Professional Liability Fund
Samuels Yoelin Kantor LLP
Schwabe Williamson & Wyatt PC
Sherman Sherman Johnnie & Hoyt LLP
Stoel Rives LLP
Susan Matlack Jones
Sussman Shank LLP
Swanson Lathen Prestwich PC
Tonkon Torp LLP



Kelly was going through a divorce. Her ex-husband could afford to hire a lawyer and he was threatening to put all of his resources into getting custody of their three children. Kelly couldn’t afford a lawyer of her own, but she knew her children wouldn’t be safe in her ex-husband’s custody. She had been granted a restraining order because of his abusive behavior, but he had continued his belligerence at parenting time exchanges. By the time the divorce was finalized, he had violated the restraining order multiple times.

When Kelly’s local legal aid office saw that her ex-husband was engaging in a pattern of behavior that presented a real safety risk to Kelly and her children, they stepped in to help. Kelly’s ex-husband wasn’t cooperative and refused to respond to any of the settlement offers they presented. Ultimately, legal aid was able to get Kelly sole custody of her children, and the parenting plan she had requested. Exchanges of the children happened under supervision, and Kelly’s restraining order was renewed.

Kelly tells us that “[legal aid] was amazing—super helpful…and always gave good advice.” Without the help of a lawyer, Kelly worries she would have had to give in to her ex-husband’s demands.

"It wouldn’t have been a good outcome, or safe for the children… I couldn’t be more grateful to the whole legal aid office.”


What is Legal Aid?

Civil legal aid ensures fairness in the justice system. It provides essential services to low-income and vulnerable Oregonians who are faced with legal emergencies. When low-income Oregonians lack the resources for needed legal help, they are effectively shut out of the justice system. To the average person, our legal system is a maze. That's why lawyers are trained to guide their clients through the system.

Legal Aid Provides:

  • free civil legal services to low-income and elderly Oregonians;
  • brochures, court forms, and self-help materials to help people navigate our justice system;
  • websites with accessible legal information available to all Oregonians; and
  • resources to help stabilize families and prevent a further slide into poverty.

Pro Bono Opportunities

Legal aid needs your help! To learn more about opportunities in your area, contact legal aid's Statewide Pro Bono Manager, Jill Mallery at: jill.mallery@lasoregon.org

Legal Aid Case Types
(by percentage)

Legal Aid Funding Sources

  • State Statutory (OSB)
  • LSC (Federal)
  • Other Funding
  • Residual Class Action
  • CEJ
  • Other Federal Funding

Legal Aid in Oregon

More than


of legal aid's cases involved safety and/or shelter
More than


unique visitors found free and up-to-date legal guidance at  oregonlawhelp.org  in 2022


low-income children benefited from legal aid's advocacy for improved childhood healthcare services in 2022
More than


clients served directly in 2022


counties served (that's all of them!)


clients served through impact litigation in 2022


communities with legal aid offices


Michelle is a member of the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation and was working on a road crew in eastern Oregon. Her employer refused to provide drinking water in the blistering heat, and Michelle became ill. She took just one day off and returned to work the next day, even though she still wasn't feeling well. Still, her employer punished her for being sick and assigned her to an undesirable job in a remote location. Eventually, Michelle was pushed out altogether.

Michelle sought help from legal aid because she wanted to make sure her former employer didn't keep treating their employees so poorly. She wanted to hold them accountable. Michelle knew where to find help because the legal aid office in her small town is well known and well integrated into the fabric of the community. Michelle tells us that the staff "do everything they can. Even if I just have a question I can at least get an answer, get a direction. They have always been there." They helped her mother settle a consumer rights dispute years ago, and she knew she could turn to them for help.

Ultimately, legal aid represented Michelle in a case against her former employer. They negotiated a settlement to help Michelle and dissuade the company from continuing their poor employment practices. If Michelle hadn't contacted legal aid, she doesn't think there would have been any consequences for the employer at all, and they would have kept mistreating their employees. 

Legal aid is a wonderful resource for those who don't otherwise have the means to get help.

Congratulations to Our 2022 Award Winners!

Associate Award

Jessie Schuh


Jessie has been an important part of CEJ's Associates Committee since 2017 and served as committee Co-Chair for four years. This year, Jessie was a big part of Schwabe's outstanding fundraising that won them the large firm award. Congratulations Jessie and thank you for all your hard work!

Midsize Firm Award

Samuels Yoelin Kantor LLP


Samuels Yoelin Kantor had a fantastic 2022, with a 55% increase in total giving and a 65% increase in per capita giving! Efforts were spearheaded by CEJ Board Vice-President Denise Gorrell, who also co-chairs the midsized firm committee, and Associate Daniela Holgate. Thank you Samuels Yoelin Kantor for your excellent work this year!

Large Firm Award

Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt PC

Schwabe Supports SmallResize

Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt PC made huge strides forward in every category this year, and really stood out for their efforts. The firm had an almost 230% increase in per capita giving and more than tripled their total giving. Thank you CEJ Board and Committee volunteers Sara Kobak, Brien Flanagan, Jessie Schuh, Charmin Shiely, and Nellie Barnard.

The Justice Cup: Central Oregon

Conratulations to Central Oregon for winning the Justice Cup! An outstanding 27% of regional lawyers donated to CEJ in 2022. The Justice Cup is awarded to the region with the highest percentage of their lawyers giving in a campaign year.



More than


of Central Oregon lawyers donated to CEJ
The Marion-Polk region inreased its number of donors by


The Equity Cup: Marion-Polk Region

The Marion-Polk region wins CEJ's Equity Cup this year. The Equity Cup is awarded to the region that has the highest percentage increase of lawyers giving in a campaign year. The Marion-Polk region increased their CEJ donors by an incredible 45% and increased the region's overall participation by 6 percentage points compared to last year. Thank you Marion-Polk Regional Steering Committee members for your hard work this year!



Guardians of Justice

Firms/organizations of 2 or more attorneys that averaged $1,030 or more per attorney

Defenders of Justice

Firms/organizations of 2 or more attorneys that averaged $530-1029 per attorney

Justice Council

Firms/organizations of 2 or more attorneys that averaged $330 or more per attorney

Bennett Hartman Morris & Kaplan LLP
Brophy Schmor LLP
Buchanan Angeli Altschul & Sullivan LLP
Cosgrave Vergeer & Kester LLP
Davis Hearn Anderson & Turner
Evans Batlan Getchell LLC
Foster Garvey
Haglund Kelley Jones & Wilder LLP
Holland & Knight LLP
Kit A Jensen Attorney at Law
Keating Jones Hughes PC
Employees of the Oregon Supreme Court
Pearl Legal Group PC
Employees of Precision Castparts
Samuels Yoelin Kantor LLP
Schwabe Williamson & Wyatt PC
Sherman Sherman Johnnie & Hoyt LLP
Employees of the City of Springfield
Stout Law LLC
Tomasi Bragar DuBay
Troutman Pepper LLP
Employees of the University of Oregon Law School
Wildwood Law Group
Williams Kastner
The Wolf Firm, A Law Corporation
Wyse Kadish LLP


The Leadership Cup: Clackamas County

The Clackamas County region wins the Leadership Cup this year. The Leadership Cup is awarded jointly by the Oregon Law Foundation and Campaign for Equal Justice and recognizes the region with the greatest percentage increase in IOLTAs at Leadership Banks and Credit Unions.

The Oregon Law Foundation uses IOLTA (interest on lawyer trust accounts) to fund organizations that provide legal services to people of lesser means. When a lawyer or firm chooses to keep their IOLTA at an OLF Leadership Bank or Credit Union, they are making up to 100 times more interest for Oregonians in need, without spending anything.

It is easy to move your IOLTA to a Leadership Bank or Credit Union, and the OLF and CEJ supporters in our Clackamas County region have done an especially good job this year in increasing awareness of the ease and value of making the switch.

The OLF and CEJ congratulate Clackamas County on winning the Leadership Cup! Thank you to all of the lawyers and firms that have joined a Leadership institution, and thank you to all of our OLF & CEJ supporters who encouraged their colleagues to make the switch.

Where You Bank Matters!

If every Oregon lawyer moved to a Leadership Bank or Credit Union, nearly $2.75 million more would be available to help fund legal aid every year. IOLTA deposits make up to 300x more at a Leadership Bank or Credit Union, and in Oregon, over 90% of IOLTA generated interest comes from Leadership Banks and Credit Unions. Oregon attorneys are on the right track - more than 3 out of 5 new IOLTA accounts are opened at Leadership Banks or Credit Unions.

The OLF and CEJ congratulate attorneys in the Clackamas County region for winning the 2022 Leadership Cup. The Leadership Cup is awarded to the Oregon region with the highest percentage increase in IOLTAs at Leadership Banks and Credit unions.


Click to view Visionary Banks. Pay at least 3.00% interest and do not charge service fees against IOLTA interest.


Click to view Advocate Banks. Pay between 2.5% interest and 3.00% interest and do not charge service fees against IOLTA interest.


Legal Aid Highlights from Around the State

Each star indicates a legal aid office and each white circle indicates a region or a program (which may be statewide or region-wide)

Farmworker Programs

Farmworker Programs

Farmworker Programs (Gresham, Woodburn, Hillsboro)

Working with community partners to educate workers about sexual harassment and retaliation protection and to respond to widespread abuses at illegal cannabis farms.

Statewide Advocacy


Statewide Advocacy

The Oregon legislature acted to stop driver's license suspensions when they were based only on unpaid fines from minor traffic violations. Unfortunately, old fines and suspensions were not forgiven. That disproportionately harmed low-income Oregonians, and legal aid advocated to have old fines and fees forgiven as well. In December 2022, Governor Kate Brown agreed with legal aid and 7,000 Oregonians now have the opportunity to get their licenses back.




Partnering with NAPOLS and Indian Land Tenure Foundation to provide will-drafting services to tribal members.

Lincoln County

Lincoln County

Lincoln County

Staffed annual Homeless Connect event in Newport connecting unhoused people with service providers and information.



Salem (Salem OLC + Marion-Polk LASO)

• Claudia Rodriguez, Legal Assistant at LASO's Marion-Polk regional office, received the Marion County Bar Association's Compton Award, which recognizes the outstanding service of a layperson to the bar.
• Through the Wildfire Relief Project, staff are developing disaster law materials to better equip legal aid staff across the state to respond to community needs when the next disaster strikes.
• Recently started a new criminal expungement practice assisting clients with arrests or convictions that didn't involve domestic violence.




Expected medical-legal partnership starting late 2023/early 2024.

Portland Regional Offices - Legal Aid Services of Oregon & Oregon Law Center

Portland Regional Offices - Legal Aid Services of Oregon & Oregon Law Center

Farmworker Program, Gresham Office - Oregon Law Center

Farmworker Program, Gresham Office - Oregon Law Center

Pendleton Regional Office - Legal Aid Services of Oregon

Pendleton Regional Office - Legal Aid Services of Oregon

Columbia County Office of Oregon Law Center

Columbia County Office of Oregon Law Center

Hillsboro Regional Office - Oregon Law Center

Hillsboro Regional Office - Oregon Law Center

Lane County Legal Aid/Oregon Law Center

Lane County Legal Aid/Oregon Law Center

Central Oregon Regional Office - Legal Aid Services of Oregon

Central Oregon Regional Office - Legal Aid Services of Oregon

Ontario Office - Oregon Law Center

Ontario Office - Oregon Law Center

Douglas County Office - Legal Aid Services of Oregon

Douglas County Office - Legal Aid Services of Oregon

Center for Nonprofit Legal Services

Center for Nonprofit Legal Services

Klamath Falls Regional Office - Legal Aid Services of Oregon

Klamath Falls Regional Office - Legal Aid Services of Oregon

Grants Pass Office - Oregon Law Center

Grants Pass Office - Oregon Law Center

Coos Bay Office - Oregon Law Center

Coos Bay Office - Oregon Law Center

Albany Regional Office - Legal Aid Services of Oregon

Albany Regional Office - Legal Aid Services of Oregon

Lincoln County Office - Legal Aid Services of Oregon

Lincoln County Office - Legal Aid Services of Oregon

Salem Regional Offices - Legal Aid Services of Oregon & Oregon Law Center

Salem Regional Offices - Legal Aid Services of Oregon & Oregon Law Center

Farmworker Program, Woodburn Office - Legal Aid Services of Oregon

Farmworker Program, Woodburn Office - Legal Aid Services of Oregon

McMinnville Office - Oregon Law Center

McMinnville Office - Oregon Law Center

Maria Romero photo tall

We are so proud of Maria!

Congratulations to legal aid's Maria Arámbula-Romero for being named Woman of the Year by the Ontario Area Chamber of Commerce.

Maria started working at legal aid 43 years ago, wanting to give back and make her community a better place. Over four decades later, she has helped countless low-income Oregonians get free legal help during times of great need. At legal aid, Maria advocates when they can't advocate for themselves, and works with community partners to come up with solutions.

Maria helped found Project DOVE, which helps domestic violence survivors, and founded the Euvalcree's Treasure Valley Resource Center, a nonprofit dedicated to helping underserved populations improve their lives. 

These are just a few of her many community activities. We are so grateful for Maria's years of commitment to legal aid and community volunteering. Congratulations Maria!

A Call to Action


We need help from lawyers, bar and legal professional associations, and the entire legal community to provide access to justice for low-income Oregonians. Please join us! For more information on how you can be involved, contact the Campaign for Equal Justice.

Give to the Campaign for Equal Justice. The best way to increase access to justice is to help legal aid afford more staff attorney positions. We suggest giving at least the value of 3 billable hours of your legal services a year.

Educate. Host a Campaign for Equal Justice CLE for one hour of Access to Justice credit for attorneys.

Endow. Take simple steps to endow your annual gift to the Campaign's endowment fund.

Volunteer through one of legal aid's many volunteer lawyer projects and clinics, or join a committee to help the Campaign for Equal Justice raise money for legal aid.

Move your IOLTA account to a Leadership Bank or Credit Union - a financial institution that offers higher interest rates. If all lawyers took this step, funding for legal aid could increase by as much as $1.7 million, enough to fund several small rural legal aid offices. Find Leadership Banks at: www.oregonlawfoundation.org

Connect. Ask your law firm and bar group to make a financial contribution to CEJ, create a fundraiser on social media, and host a fundraising event.

Organizations that support the Call to Action include:

Association of Legal Administrators, Oregon Chapter
Federal Bar Association, Oregon Chapter
Multnomah Bar Association
Northwest Indian Bar Association
OGALLA, the LGBT Bar Association of Oregon
Oregon Asian Pacific American Bar Association
Oregon Association of Defense Counsel
Oregon Attorneys with Disabilities Association
The Oregon Chapter of the National Bar Association
Oregon Criminal Defense Lawyers Association
Oregon Filipino American Lawyers Association
Oregon Hispanic Bar Association
Oregon Law Foundation
Oregon Minority Lawyers Association
Oregon Muslim Bar Association
Oregon Paralegal Association
Oregon State Bar
Oregon Trans Law Caucus
Oregon Trial Lawyers Association
Oregon Women Lawyers

Handsome middle aged Man happy and looking at the camera


Gerard lives in rural Oregon near the border with Idaho. Two of Gerard’s children have special needs and one needs regular transportation to specialists in far-off Boise or Meridian. Gerard had his license revoked more than ten years ago, but has had a clean record ever since. The medical transport services in the area are scarce and unreliable, and Gerard had to find friends and family willing to help to get his children to their medical appointments on time.

Gerard knew he was eligible to have his license reinstated, but found the process difficult to navigate. It had been dragging on for more than a year when Gerard’s daughter cut her leg and needed urgent transportation to a hospital.

Luckily, he found a neighbor willing to drive to the hospital, but didn’t want to be helpless in an emergency ever again—he needed to get his license back as soon as possible.

Gerard found legal aid and qualified for a lawyer to help him. Gerard’s lawyer filed a petition for restoration and advocated for him in a hearing before a local judge. The judge agreed that his license should be restored.

Gerard believes he wouldn’t have gotten his license reinstated without access to a legal aid lawyer, even though he qualified because, “for a person to go through the entire process themselves, it is just too much…the legal aid lawyers knew what papers to file and how to talk to the judge.”

Endow Now!

Helping to create a permanent, stable source of income for access to justice in Oregon through a planned gift honors your lifetime commitment to justice for all. When you Endow Now!, you make a planned gift pledge that will return the amount of your yearly annual gift to the Campaign for Equal Justice in perpetuity.


Imagine What it Would Look Like if Funding for Legal Aid Was Secure


Part of the beauty of the Endow Now! initiative is its simplicity. One of the easiest ways to participate is to name CEJ as a beneficiary or partial beneficiary of your IRA, retirement plan, or life insurance policy. In most cases all you need to do is fill out a simple form. Curious about the lump sum gift amount needed to ensure subsequent yearly distributions that match your current giving level? Check out the chart!

For more information, contact: ayla@cej-oregon.org or call 503-295-8442 and ask to speak to the Executive Director about endowing a gift.

Annual Gift
$250 $5,000
$500 $10,000
$1,000 $20,000
$2,000 $40,000
$2,500 $50,000
$5,000 $100,000
$10,000 $200,000
$25,000 $500,000
$50,000 $1,000,000

Campaign for Equal Justice Endowment Fund Contributors

Legacy Partners Circle/Endow Now! Initiative Donations & Bequests/Contributions to the Barrie Herbold Fund

Oh! x CEJ Gala 2022

Farewell Maya

After ten years at the CEJ, and seven years as the Executive Director, Maya Crawford Peacock has left to join the Office of Governor Tina Kotek as Executive Appointments Director.

Maya dedicated her legal career to serving low-income Oregonians, and is driven to make the justice system fair and accessible to everyone, not just to those who can afford a lawyer. Maya joined Legal Aid Services of Oregon straight out of law school and worked there for over a decade, coordinating pro bono projects in their Portland office before becoming LASO's first Statewide Pro Bono Manager.

When Maya joined the Campaign for Equal Justice, she turned her focus to empowering the whole legal community to spread the message about the importance of access to justice, and helped raise over $1 million each year in support of legal aid.

Maya's favorite thing about working for the CEJ (besides her amazing co-workers) was having the opportunity to work with lawyers from every practice area and every corner of the state on their shared goal of increasing resources for legal aid.

We are excited for Maya's transition to the Governor's office, where she continues her work encouraging people toward public service. We are also pleased to welcome Ayla Ercin as our new Executive Director. Ayla was hired as the CEJ's Executive Director in March of 2023 after serving as CEJ's Annual Fund Director since 2021, and as a lawyer in the Oregon legal community for more than a decade before that. Ayla looks forward to leading the CEJ as it works to improve the lives of low-income Oregonians by raising awareness and support for legal aid in 2023 and beyond.